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Work Activity Center

At CCDSNB's Work Activity Center, one of the areas of focus is in the area of Adult Development. In this area a skilled instructor works with individuals in areas such as communication skills, daily living skills, academic areas, and other goal areas of assessed need. Individuals also receive instruction in the areas of pre-vocational and vocational skills, and are compensated with wages for contract work completed.

Mobile Work Crews

CCDSNB also provides work for individuals through local businesses and industry. In a mobile work crew, CCDSNB sends a group of individuals, with a CCDSNB staff supervisor, to a local industry or business site to complete assigned duties as directed.

Supported Employment

CCDSNB also has a Job Coach who assesses individuals for job readiness in a variety of settings. The Job Coach also assists individuals in searching for employment opportunities, and provides on-the-job training and supervision until job skills are mastered.

Community Service

Community Service is aimed at developing one's awareness of, interaction with and/or participation in, their community through exposure to and experience in the community through teaching such concepts as self determination, self advocacy, and socialization. Group and individual services in this area are offered.

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