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Early Intervention

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Early Intervention is a service to families which will enhance their ability to care for their children, birth to five years of age, with developmental delays.

Without this program, many parents/guardians would not be able to provide the necessary assistance to help their child with learning tools necessary to overcome or significantly decrease their developmental delay.

The ultimate objective is to assist families and their children by helping them gain skills needed for early development in preparation to enter preschool programs.

By providing services to children with delays, the program allows children to use toys and manipulatives to assist in areas of cognitive, languguage, gross and fine motor, social/emotional and self help skills.

Services in the program are provided in the individual's home. Weekly visits are made to the home of each child served. Families are taught how to interact with their child's disability on a daily basis. Each home is different, some are accessible while others are not.The program assists clients in using manipulative toys and learning games, as well as other daily skills in the learning process. Each program is individualized to meet the child's needs on a daily basis.

Cherokee County Disabilities and
Special Needs Board