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Family Support

Individual/family support services often enable people with disabilities to remain in their own homes. The supports available are based on each individual's assessed need. These support services may include:
Genetic evaluation, treatment, and counseling services

These services are available to families in which a developmental disability has occurred and to families at risk of having a child with a disability or a special need. Emphasis is on preventing disabilities, when possible.

Respite services

These services provide temporary care to individuals, allowing families or caregivers to handle emergencies and personal situations or take a break. Respite may be provided in the individual/family home, a qualified caregiver's home, regional center or other locations. The availability of this service is based on the assessed need and must follow the criteria for respite care services.

Financial assistance

This service is available to help the individuals and families afford the cost of care for an individual with special needs in their own home. Funds are available for costs that are directly related to an individual's special need. These funds are available based on the individual's assessed need and availability of funds. All requests must meet the criteria determined by the Family Support policy.

Individualized summer services

These services provide financial assistance for families whose family members, with a disability, attend activities selected by the person or the parents. Participants attend various types of summer activities, from traditional camps to highly individualized services and activities. This service is based on available funds.

Cherokee County Disabilities and
Special Needs Board